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If you liked FarmVille, you are probably spending ridiculous amount of time playing FarmVille 2: Country Escape. The game manages to successfully capture the essence of farming and gives you plenty of tasks to complete before you can pride yourself with what you have managed to achieve in game.

Not everyone is born with a green thumb or an affinity for the farm life however, so we are bringing you a small guide that should help you get a better grip on FarmVille 2. Let’s take a look at some top tips for FarmVille 2: Country Escape.

Organize your tasks

The game features smaller tasks and larger tasks alike. While you’re playing the game, focus on getting the smaller tasks done and leave the large tasks for when you are about to exit the game. This way, they can make a lot of progress while you’re not playing.

Save your Keys

A common mistake players make is to waste their precious Keys. If you save them for something important, you will find yourself making much more progress than if you would just throw them on rushing jobs and what not.

The farm stand

The farm stand is an alternative way for selling what you produce, and can net you a lot more than the usual methods do. Be sure to unlock it as soon as possible and use it to convert your crops into XP and money.

Harvest the benefits of friendship

FarmVille 2 allows you to visit your friend’s farm and earn all kinds of goodies such as cash, XP or even precious Keys which are harder to come by. You can do this daily so make sure you do so and don’t miss out on potential free Keys.

If you apply these simple tips into your gameplay, there’s no doubt that your farm will start to grow at a rapid rate. Whatever you do, remember to have fun and keep on farming.

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