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The new feature that is now rolling out to Facebook users will allow them to pin special events at the top of their feeds, and these posts that will contain an image and a text will surely be noticed by other users who will want to start a conversation.

Also, these posts will appear around important events and regional holidays, so they will be very interactive and informative for people who care about the subject.

If you’ve heard about Google Doodle, then you know that it’s used by the company’s search engine to celebrate all kinds of special events, holidays, achievements and people. The logo on Google’s homepage is temporarily altered, and patterns and shapes are used to form an image that represents the person or event that’s being celebrated.

So, what Facebook is trying to do with the new feature is similar with Google Doodle, and we’re very curious how users will react when they will discover this new addition,

However, Facebook has published a press release, mentioning the three goals of News Feed moments:

  • Give people ways to connect and share with friends during holidays and events
  • Help people discover fun and interesting cultural moments
  • Celebrate moments in history that continue to make the world more open and connected

Facebook users will find 18 custom-made holiday cards that they will be able to use, and they can check all of them in this video. Another product that will make its appearance soon is called Live Audio and Facebook has announced through a post that this feature is currently being tested.

When it will be released, users will have the possibility to “go live” at any time and they will start speaking to their audience. Facebook is already the best live video broadcast application, but the company wants to push the boundaries and be one step ahead of the competition.