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Have you heard of the big news all the Clashers are celebrating these days?

If not, you most definitely should.

According to reports, the Supercell best-selling game Clash Royale will finally get a new addition when it comes to cards – as well as a completely new battle arena many players have been waiting for.

The fresh news arrived from Gamenguide, a gaming portal with a sneak peek on most of the novelties in many different games. According to them, there will be four new cards called Dart Goblin, Goblin Dang, Battle Ram and Executioner, each of them serving a special purpose and combined in a lot of effect.

Now, let’s get down to details about every one of the cards and what would they introduce to the game.

Goblin Gang – This card will be a common one which costs three elixirs and spawns three Spear Goblins as well as three Goblins with knives. Obviously, the card will cause damage to the enemy if ignored.

Dart Goblin – The Dart card will be one of the rarest and costing three elixirs to deploy. It will use a blow dart as a weapon with gum as its bullets in an attack range similar to the Royal Giant. The best thing about it is that it will be able to deal faster damage to the enemy.

Battle Ram – Another one of the rare cards that come at a cost of four elixirs to deploy. This one will consist of two Barbarians holding a huge log and causing a significant amount of damage, mainly targeted at buildings.

Executioner – The last card to come will be the priciest one as well, costing five elixirs to deploy and dealing with area damage in the first place. It will be able to attack on both air and ground units and deal massive damage to the enemy.

According to other rumours, the first card will be released just after new year in January 2017, when you can purchase it with your gems or gold.
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