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It seems that the holiday mood is already upon Clash of Clans, as the developers have already released the first of three Clashmax gifts that will be revealed in the next three days. It seems that Santa’s Surprise is back and Supercell has made a special trailer about it, which you can watch below:

If you are new to Clash of Clans and you’ve never used Santa’s Surprise spell before, then you should know that this is actually an overpowered lightning spell where Santa flies over the map and drops down a bunch of explosive presents that will destroy your enemy’s village. One present is able to do up to 900 damage to a high level Town Hall, but the stats will decrease for the more inexperienced players.

Since the cost is not that high, we’re pretty sure that most of the Clash of Clans players will try it out and see that they can do some massive damage with it. Santa’s Surprise should be used when you are trying to do lots of spread damage across a wide range of targets. In other words, this spell will not be very effective if you want to get a Tower down.

Likewise in the previous years, the Clashmas 2016 will be available for a limited time only and as you can see in the trailer, it will be removed on January 5, 2017. Keep in mind that even if the spell will be removed from the factories, the completed spells will last as long as you like (until you use them).

Clash of Clans Clashmas 2016 Gift 1 is now available on Android and iOS. More details regarding the Clashmas 2016 Gift 2 will be unveiled by the developers sometime in the near future and we will let you know when that happens.