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Less than a week ago, the latest Adobe Flash player version was released, much to the excitement and surprise of users.  Version was released for Windows, Linux, mac OS and Chrome OS. Developer, Adobe Systems, said that the updated Flash Player and AIR comes with security updates, new features and most importantly, bug fixes.

Linux users are more excited since Adobe Flash Player is the latest version on GNU/Linix distributions and will be out soon, with the updated already in the Arch stable release repositories. In detail, the update is for Chromium (PPAPI) and Flash Player Linux for Firefox (NPAPI), Flash Player for Google’s Linux-based ChromeOS and Flash Player Linux for Google Chrome. This is also the same update on Apple’s macOS operating systems as well as Microsoft Windows.

It can be remembered that Adobe Systems updated the beta channel with Linux NPAPI Flash Player in August this year. For the past four years, the NPAPI version was 11.2 and if ever there were update releases, it was with security fixes. Conversely, the PPAPI version used in Chrome and Chromium-based browsers were in sync with Mac OS and Windows OS update releases. According to Adobe Systems, the update is to provide mitigation to Linux users and to strengthen security.

Distributed as a free software, Adobe Flash  Player  is a graphics and multimedia platform and  also has plug-in versions that can be used for video and audio streaming, viewing multimedia and for opening rich content. It is also a popular format for animations, GUIs (graphical user interfaces) and games. It also supports rater graphics, 3D graphics, embedded scripting language and is similar to JavaScript.

Meanwhile, Flash Player was available for Android until 2012. Google made an announcement earlier that Android version 4.1 or the “Jelly Bean” will not support Adobe Flash to give way to HTML5.  Moreover, it was also that year when browser-based Flash on mobile platform was not supported anymore. However, mobile users and Flash ushers, in general, are not discouraged to install on the freeware on their Android devices through the update archives which include Android 4.3.

For those who still use this software, the latest Adobe Flash Player download is available now.