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By combining matching tiles and having to create bigger numbers is the goal to beat in 2048. If you happen to find yourself with no moves left and no space to maneuver the tiles your game is over. Being a strategy-oriented game, we have some tips and tricks that are sure to make you succeed.

How Does It Move?

Players are limited to only four gestures. That means you can move tiles only up, down, left and right. By every swipe each tile changes its place as further as it can in regard of what position you swipe it to. If you happen to combine multiple tiles they will do the same thing. Plan your moves ahead to make sure you won’t get stuck.

Large Tiles Should Be Avoided

As larger tiles can quickly catch your eye, you are advised not to chase them throughout the board as it will put you in a bad position instead of giving you an advantage. Try to give your full attention to combining smaller tiles. They will eventually catch up and become large themselves so you shouldn’t worry about going for the big ones first.

Stay Within The Corners

If you navigate your way towards corners that eventually means more board space will innately be made available for you to play with. Keeping tiles grouped within a corner came out as the best strategy for me. That let in more tiles to group in the middle and implicitly you’ll end up combine them with existing ones that you’ve accumulated in corners. It doesn’t matter with which corner you start with as long as you keep it organized.

Plan Ahead

This tip is similar to the first one as you need to make some measurements in order to succeed. If you find yourself in the situation of finding some matching tiles don’t rush to combine them as you will not know what possibilities might occur after you’ve done it. It is possible that making an unplanned move might let you with no further ones to do thus making the game finish earlier than you want.

Take Your Time

As the game gives you a lot of possibilities even before you start moving a tile you must bear in mind that you don’t need to rush anything. 2048 doesn’t have a best move to do and as long as you have some space to work with within the board the game is not entirely over. If you are unsure of what move to make, double or even triple check the board before making a sudden yet unwanted move.

Move Where Your Tiles Are

Finding yourself in the situation where the option of merging multiple stacks at once is available please do us some good and make the move. If your board has a lot of open spaces it’s even better for you as it offers some extra flexibility when new cards tag along.

If you opt not to do this please bear in mind that single moves you’re only replacing a card with another whereas multiple tiles can be combined and will provide you with a new tile each time thus increasing your chances of winning.

This sliding block puzzle game which has the objective of combining tiles to create the magical 2048 number will be sure to keep you entertained and keep your mind sharp at the same time. Be sure to try it out and follow these tips in order to give you more chances of “beating” the game.