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PlayStation and Xbox are two devices that people will recognize from a mile away and are iconic to modern day pop culture the same way Coke and Pepsi’s rivalry lived out through the ages as a never ending battle.

In the near future we will have the next chapter of the story laid out, when Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro will meet the newest iteration of Microsoft’s console, namely Xbox Scorpio.

Xbox officials went on to confirm that the console they are currently referring to as Project Scorpio will indeed have a pretty high starting price. This is due to the fact that the Xbox team is developing this product as a premium solution. Cheaper Xbox One variants are already available in the form of the One and One S models.

People that have bought those devices most likely aren’t a part of the market sector which Xbox Scoprio will be trying to cater to. They also specified that the device won’t outprice a modern gaming computer since that would be beyond the point, thus keeping the relatively high price tag at what can still be considered console standard.

Currently, Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro is the leading console entity on the market. The device was also released later than all other variants. Project Scorpio is looking to change that as it will apparently bring on some pretty high tear accolades to compete with the PS4 Pro.

Part of the anticipated performance dominance of  Xbox Scorpio is tied with promises that the console will feature AMD Zen and Vega technology for its processor. This would help Microsoft’s console provide a native 4K quality.

While many are wondering the new release will impact the credibility of Sony’s PS4 Pro, official claims state that Scorpio wouldn’t be competing with PS this time. This would allegedly be due to the fact that Scorpio will be high above any competition currently present on the market.

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