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A new WhatsApp version for iOS has been released and it comes with a new feature that will please most of the users. The latest WhatsApp BETA version for iOS is and in addition to the new feature that we will tell you about below, it comes with bug fixes and application stability.

Now, let’s talk about the new feature that the WhatsApp application has just received. According to reports, this new feature is now allowing users to edit and even delete old messages. Unfortunately, you will most likely not be able to delete very old messages, as the developers will probably limit them to a few days or up to a week.

This is great, especially if you are an impulsive person who sends messages without thinking too much about the consequences. To edit or delete a message is pretty easy, as you will just need to open the chat window with a person and tap on the message that you want to edit/delete. Once you do that, a new edit option will appear that will allow you to either edit or delete that message.

Keep in mind that if a person that has already received the message, but his/her device is disconnected from the internet, the message will not be edited/deleted until (s)he connects the device back to the internet.

According to some rumors, the developers are also working on a Multiple Video Calling feature that will allow you to make a Video Call with two or more friends at the same time. Unfortunately, the developers have not confirmed this feature yet, so we should take these rumors with a bit of salt.

WhatsApp has more than 1 billion monthly active users and since the addition of the Video Calling feature, more users have been more interested in this application.

Are you using the WhatsApp application on your iOS device? Tell us your favorite feature(s) that this application comes with!

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