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It seems that Viber will receive some new features sometimes in the near future. According to reports, the company is now trying to keep up the pace with other mobile messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook by bringing some new features and options to its Viber app.

First of all, you should know that one of the new features is the instant video message, which allows you to send a little video (up to 30 seconds) to your Viber friends. In order to do this, you will just need to hold down the video message button inside the chat window and use it like the voice-messaging feature. In other words, the video-messaging feature is actually recording your video, and after that, it uploads and sends it to your friend on Viber.

In addition, the application will also receive some integration with third-party services, which means that you will be able to access information from Wikipedia or any other service directly inside Viber. All you will need to do is hit “@” in a message and, after that, select one of the extensions that will be used to:

  • preview links for Wikipedia or TheMovieDB articles;
  • search for a particular GIF using Giphy service.

These are actually called “chat extensions” and it is just a matter of time until they will include more services. For now, only the three mentioned services work and it is not yet known when other services will be added.

We remind you that Viber has been founded back in 2010 and currently it has over 800 million users all over the world across iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows PC, Mac OS and Linux platforms.

The new features that we’ve mentioned in this article will be released for iOS and Android shortly. What other features you would like the developers to add in the future?