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There are not so many rumors regarding the future Surface Pro 5 specs but as stated by the popular Microsoft blog Dr. Windows, the next Microsoft flagship device will feature an eSIM. Partnering with Transatel which is a mobile provider their common goal is to sell eSIM packages to make users’ lives easier when they go overseas with their respective devices.

If you are not in the know about what is an eSIM, it can provide a lot of advantages to those who opt to use it. It will cement the differences between mobile providers and will make possible for its users to have more freedom in terms of choosing a data provider over the other.

The Surface Pro 5 will highly benefit from this change as its owners will not be limited to tethering to a Wi-Fi connection, having access to internet regardless of where they situate themselves.

To stay in the same whereabouts note, those who practice international travel heavily will regard this as a blessing as they will not have to switch to SIMs which are country-specific. The eSIM is global and switches automatically to the data plan of a respective country. Business professionals can only hope for this feature to be implemented as it will make travelling to meetings less frustrating.

Spec wise, there is pretty much nothing we know about the upcoming Surface Pro 5. Assuming it will be unveiled in 2017, it will most likely be powered by Intel’s next generation Kaby Lake CPU and USB Type-C connectivity.

Being rumored to make its first appearance in March 2017, the Surface Pro 5 will most likely stand high above its competition in terms of features and availability. We can only hope for the guys at Microsoft do deliver an exciting device as it already promising to be.