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Showing its face to the world on Thursday, the Nintendo classic scored a major hit for both the Japanese tech giants and Apple. If you are part of the ever growing player base, please do make sure that you check out these tips and tricks that will most certainly make you a better player.

Spend Some Money

As being initially free to play, you only are able to see 20-second sneak-peaks. If you do however want to enjoy the full gaming experience, be ready to dash out $9.99 out of your pocket.

Have A Good Connection

As stated by Nintendo, Super Mario Run is an experience which is not repetitive but is instead an enthralling experience that cannot be enjoyed during a commute.

Repeat The Levels

Each level should be taken on a strategic level. Try to go as far as you can on the first try while the following challenges, try to look after pink Challenge Coins and finally try capturing them.

Pause The Game

Whether you have to take a toilet brake or stretch your hands after countless hours of playtime, Super Mario Run has a pause button which can be accessed in the upper left-hand corner of the device.

Break The Bubble

If you happen to die with Mario, he happens to resurrect himself within a bubble that you have to pop to continue your adventure. However, this is not the only instance where a bubble can be used as players have access to the feature of repeating a trick or retrieving a lost coin. Just touch the bubble box but do bear in mind that you have a limited amount.

Change The Scenery

According to GameSpot you can change Mario to a Toad character if you own a My Nintendo account. Sign in and enjoy the change.