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The VR market is booming right now and all major tech companies are trying to capitalize on that. Last month Sony took the gaming world by storm when the company launched PlayStation VR.

What makes the VR headset stand out from the rest is the fact that it allows its users to set it up to their PS4 and enjoy a large variety of VR games but there’s one downside though, the PS4 doesn’t have that much 360 degree VR media content but this will change soon enough. Sony took note of what their customers were asking for and finally added support for YouTube.

YouTube support is an essential feature for every VR headset because that’s where users can find the largest majority of 360 degree videos. According to recent reports, PS4 VR users will be able to choose from either the standard edition of YouTube or the PS4 VR one. The roll out date for the update which features YouTube support hasn’t yet been announced but we can expect it to be launched during the upcoming weeks.

Nonetheless, it’s great seeing that Sony will make the device compatible with YouTube because the only way to get access to YouTube videos right now is to download the 360 degree videos and duplicate them on the PS4 via USB cable.

This update will not only make PS4 VR users happy but it will also give Sony and edge over its competition, especially since the only way HTC Vive and Oculus Rift users only run YouTube videos is through virtual desktop software apps.

The only other company to provide YouTube support for its VR headset is Google but it’s exclusive only to their Daydream View headset and not for all Android powered devices.