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If you’re looking for a great browser for mobile, you would find Mozilla Firefox’s 50.1.0 build to be an ideal choice. After all, the company aims to provide a browser app that will provide online users a better browsing experience.

Firefox has been one of the most trusted browsers for many years, and they have cemented their reputation with the delivery of the latest browser for mobile 50.1.0. It comes with changes designed to improve web and mobile search experience for people who prefer to use their mobile devices to search online.

Unlike the web version, the mobile browser app delivers add-on pop-ups without in the most subtle way possible. It also helps in getting the job done easily and quickly. This is why, even with a host of mobile browsers for Android, Firefox proves at par, or even better, with Google Chrome, UC browser or Opera Mini.

How to Download Firefox 50.1.0

  1. On your mobile phone, visit Google Play Store.
  2. Run a search for the Firefox app, and choose ‘Firefox Browser fast & private’ from the suggested options.
  3. Read the software info to check if you got the correct build version. Tap on Read More.
  4. Tap on Install and wait for the download and installation process to complete.
  5. Afterwards, open the browser app. Enjoy.

Once installed, you can then personalize the settings, including protecting private info from prying eyes. Take advantage of features, such as private browsing with tracking protection, guest browsing and clear history.

Private Browsing has become one of Mozilla’s defining features, and they have made it a focus with their second browser Firefox Focus. There is a price to pay for ensuring your privacy, however. Focus has set Yahoo as its default search engine. If you’re a Google fan, you might be weighing on what is more important to you – privacy or search engine. Learn more about Firefox Focus.