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When Minecraft first launched on the market, no one really imagined it would skyrocket to the top of popularity charts the way it did. Both the game’s creator and the huge community that formed around it witnessed the evolution of Minecraft together, making it possible for the building adventure title to spread across multiple platforms and to cater to multiple generations.

Now, Minecraft has finally reached version 1.11.1 on the PC, which brings out new features and exciting additions to the already loved game. Among the new things players will have access to are iron nuggets and new sword enchantments, specifically the Sweeping Edge enchantment.

Those that are drawn to the skies can use rockets to fly though the air while having Elytra equipped. For those that have missed Mojang’s End update, Elytra is a glider added to the game which allows players to get an aerial perspective on what they build and/or what others build around them.

While the game has expanded to such extent that it now features game versions for pretty much every major console available on the market, the PC version still tends to get the latest updates in a timely fashion. The Xbox One and PS4 newcomers, as well as the mobile Pocket Edition, haven’t caused the game’s developer Mojang to neglect the PC iteration which is the franchise’s originator.

It’s great to see that Mojang isn’t letting Minecraft perish and just live out its fame until there’s no one left to play it.

Under the guidance of Microsoft, which acquired the game quite some time ago, Minecraft has a promising future ahead, with more updates to come and more features to delight the ever growing fan base that keep coming back for more adventures in the building world. Be sure to check back for more Minecraft updates.