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In 2014, Microsoft developed its latest default web browser, Microsoft Edge, which was to replace Internet Explorer. Given the code “Spartan”, this browser offers new features that will make browsing experience in a different level. Designed for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox One and Windows Server 2016, the first stable release came in 2015, with Xbox One. A few months ago, Windows 10, including Windows 10 for mobile phones followed consecutively.

This web browser was designed to change the way internet users search the web and read content. Aside from being able to directly search for articles or images from the search bar, doodling, writing and taking down notes are now possible with Microsoft Edge.

Moreover, people who search the web can also save the article they want to read in the coming days via adding the link to the “Reading” list. These are just few of the interesting features of the latest default Windows 10 browser.

Now, after a few months of the stable release for Windows 10, Microsoft announced that it will be blocking Adobe Flash Player content in Microsoft Edge. Instead, the user will be given control of how he or she wants to view multimedia and enjoy the features Adobe Flash Player has. This feature can help minimize battery consumption and can add security to the system. These are just two things   beneficial to users. Moreover, this is the long term goal of Microsoft, which is to encourage the use of HTML5 technologies over Adobe Flash Player. This development will be made available during the Windows 10 Creators Update in 2017.

Another latest update about Microsoft Edge is to be expected by next year. This feature is known as “Payment Request API for Edge’s web” platform. With this, it will be easier for web developers to use simpler payment systems for online stores and their websites as well.

Via Microsoft Edge, Payment Request for API will be connected to Microsoft Wallet. This will speed up access to payment information in relation to the user with the Microsoft account. Not only is it convenient, but also, this feature is secure.

While Google Chrome still has the biggest share of users, no doubt, there is an ongoing battle among web browsers.