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ActiveInbox is the solution which you need if unread emails give you the chills as it does to most of us productivity freaks. They can switch your focus from other important tasks and make you less productive. No worries though, as ActiveInbox is all that you need for your problems.

It is basically a Gmail add-on that sorts out and organizes emails elegantly by dividing them in terms of priority, turning your email service into a handy and efficient task manager. It comes at a fair price for what it offers coming at exactly $24.95 via a discount scheme.

It features Artificial Intelligence-like capabilities as it follows your working pattern. It has the ability to create separate folders for projects and clients while assigning due dates for them in order to make sure that you do not miss the tiniest detail regarding an important meeting with a client or details regarding important tasks.

ActiveInbox also has the ability to make notes on emails which gives you the ability to highlight important ones that matter and it even notifies you when an important email has been replied to.

It can also queue up emails that will be sent at an assigned date and time. Being the most popular email service for a lot of time now, Gmail is sure promising to keep its crown when it comes to the amount of users which enjoy having it as their primary provider.

Such innovations like ActiveInbox are sure to make Google’s most used program stand high above its competitors when it comes to features, ease of use and popularity. This add-on basically makes Gmail the most accessible and easy to use email service provider out there.