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The Android version of Pokemon GO gave the guys from The Sliph Road some hints about its upcoming Christmas events, deeply hidden in the game’s code. This event is scheduled to hit Pokemon GO pretty soon via an update.

Minor updates were made by Niantic in the past days as they are working around the clock to improve Pokemon GO’s gameplay and system. Just like their previous holiday events which included the likes of Halloween and Thanksgiving Day, fans are in for a treat for Christmas as shown by The Sliph Road’s ability to decode some of the game’s new additions.

This future update is to bring gifts to the ever so popular game. These gifts come in different colors ranging from Bronze to Gold which also have some special variants which include the likes of Special, Great and last but not least Ultra.

Silph Road also concluded that some items will be also added as they’ve cracked a metadata attribute which was named HasHolidayItems. Another small tweak that Niantic is going to feature in Pokemon GO is the addition of a variant which belongs to the shop button.

No statements were issued by Niantic regarding its Christmas update but having no other codes left to crack these will eventually be the only updates to hit Pokemon GO until Christmas.

Fans of Ninantic’s ever so popular game are literally in for some treats as it is believed the Japanese tech giant is to upgrade gear releases and some new Pokemon.

Fans will just have to stay positive and bear in mind this update will hit pretty soon. If by any chance new pokemons are being released do make sure that you have some extra space for new eggs and also buy new incubators in order to make your gaming experience more enjoyable.