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Bethesda is renowned for creating the best RPG game franchises but the most highly regarded one is The Elder Scrolls. The fifth installment in The Elder Scrolls franchise was Skyrim which was launched back in November 2011 and became so widely popular that Bethesda remastered it for both console and PC platforms, but what players really wanted as a sixth game.

The most asked question at Bethesda events is if the gaming developer is working on The Elder Scrolls: 6, but Bethesda has yet to confirm this.

Sadly for fans of The Elder Scrolls, Bethesda announced that the sixth installment isn’t an active project. Everybody is wondering why the game developer wouldn’t create another game mainly because of all the enthusiasm surrounding it, the answer for that question is that Bethesda is focusing on other projects at the moment, on Fallout 4 VR to be more exact.

The second most popular RPG franchise created by Bethesda is Fallout and the post apocalyptic game is getting a VR remake. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because Bethesda recently launched a short preview of Fallout VR and also because the VR market is booming right now and Bethesda wants to capitalize on that.

Another reason to why the The Elder Scrolls: 6 development has been pushed back is because the game’s developer team announced that they would like to completely innovate the gaming world and the necessary technology isn’t available yet.

We can’t know for sure what they’re hinting at but what we know is that the next game installment is rumored to take place in the Black Marsh, and this might the first time that the Argonian race steps into the spotlight.