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A few days ago, Ubisoft Massive said that its “Tom Clancy’s The Division” game will receive an update that will bring support for Sony’s PS4 Pro. Well, it seems that the new patch that has just been released for the mentioned game brings the Survival update along with support for PS4 Pro.

We should mention that the Survival update has been released for Xbox One and Windows PC a month ago, which means that the PS4 owners were a bit disappointed about having to wait so long for it.

If you are the owner of the new PlayStation 4 Pro, then you should know that you will experience better visuals in some areas, as the patch will enable the UI and menus to render native 4K. However, the game itself will still render at 1080p, but you will notice some improvements made to the quality of reflections and shadows.

We have to mention that even if the new update runs without any problems on most of the PS4 consoles, there are some cases where the game has some issues. Some gamers have reported that they have seen some annoying Delta errors, but it seems that these problems have already been solved by the developers.

So, if you’ve purchased “The Division” game and you also own the “Season Pass”, you are now able to download the Survival expansion without having to pay anything else. However, if you don’t have the Season Pass, you will need to purchase the DLC as a standalone item and you will need to pay $15 for it.

The last paid DLC that will be released for this game is called “Last Stand” and it is expected to be released sometime in early 2017. We should mention that the Last Stand DLC was supposed to be released in winter this year, but it was delayed since the game had some issues in the past and the developers had to fix them before releasing the previous DLC patches.