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Before you decide to install the ever so popular Clash of Clans game, do bear in mind that this comprehensive article will take your gameplay a step further allowing you to master it in no time at all. It will include the likes of army compositions, upgrades, strategies and base set ups.

Save Gems

Beginning with 500 gems when you first log in into the game, you are asked to ditch 50 of them in favor of completing structures in the tutorial. Not doing that you can save them and add more builders at an even quicker pace.

Builders 4 and 5 are way difficult to obtain but the 3rd tier comes available fairly quick and easy if you do opt for saving your gems. More builders mean more buildings therefore you can unlock the 4th one with only a few months of gameplay.

Cheaper Is Better

Of course Giants are great in battle but they sure as hell cost a lot to use. Your to-go option should be opting for Barbarians at entry-levels while getting Dragons when you do advance. If you consider the amount of time that you put in the game you end up seeing that you’ll spend more time upgrading your troops than actually fighting with someone. As per example, you can build 4 Archers in two minutes while upgrading a Wizard takes 8 minutes individually.

Your goal should be saving as much as you can bear in mind your Town Hall level.

Save Spells

Spells are also extremely pricy and take a lot of time to manufacture. Spells like Rage start from 23,00 elixir and Healing comes at 15,000. If you do however wish to use a spell, bear in mind that the reward after using it should gain you at least that amount of elixir.

Town Hall Upgrade

One of the most important features of the game is “loot penalty” that makes you earn significantly less loot if you defeat an enemy who has a lower-level Town Hall than you do. As a safe margin, we advise that it should not exceed level 4 before you upgrade defenses, army and research.


Receiving a three-day shield after you start playing the game will push you to start battling early while players are not looking to attack you. Even if you get defeated, you have pretty much nothing to lose. The most important thing you will benefit from is battle experience.

Castle Positioning

Being the best defensive structure in the game it should be put in the center of the base to make it difficult for enemies to attack it since it has a very long range.  This tip does not work well with Town Hall at level 7 or above as it will take some time for attackers to force units out of it.

Dark Elixir

The most important resource after you’ve reached Town Hall 7 is Dark Elixir which is used to max out heroes and Dark Barrack troop upgrades. It is also worth to know that spells and hero units must be saved when you know you are going to gain some Dark Elixir.