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New and exciting features were release with AMD’s giant driver update a few weeks ago. This update included gameplay capture and tweaks regarding the card’s power efficiency. A few issues came to light along with the update and AMD were quick to answer them with yet another one.

Their latest 16.12.2 driver which is entitled The Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition fixed some bugs regarding  FreeSync when the screen is in borderless fullscreen mode, glaring bugs, Radeon Settings, a bug where Chrome wouldn’t play VP9 content and a bug regarding the installation process of ReLive.

Some other important tweaks were made to fix AMD’s ReLive gameplay recording feature where users would encounter mouse cursor stutter in recorded videos and synced the slow motion audio recording. Another important feature that was fixed is the Instant Reply that wasn’t enabling itself after being shut down in regard of content protection.

Users that use AMD’s graphics card have two options on how to upgrade their pieces of kit. They can opt either for downloading a manual installer from the Radeon Software section on AMD’s webpage or let the driver update itself via Radeon Settings automatically.

This update will bring a great deal of enjoyment among users who sport this chip due to the fact it offers some interesting features. Being able to record gameplay without having to make use of third-party apps is a nice feature to have. It lets you track your progress across a video game or even allows you to see your mistakes in let’s say a competitive game.

E-sports enthusiasts will also be pleased in terms of their practice to see where they have done wrong or in more fortunate situations where they’ve done great. Being able to record something you’re proud of is a great feature that AMD brought to the gaming world and it should be adopted by other manufacturers as well.