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The Polish Minister of Science and Higher Education just granted Witcher 3’s CD Projekt RED a $7 million research fund. Highly requested by the video game developer, funding for the GameINN programme was found thus making it possible for further research to fulfill some development goals.

The GameINN programme was born due to a lot of requests issued by the Polish Video Games Agreement which is comprised of several developers. They are to design and develop high-tech data such as 3D modeling for virtual worlds, AI in video games, cross-platform graphic engines and last but definitely not least real images mapping.

Having just received $7 million on Friday, the CD Projekt RED can now fulfill its goal. That is to develop city creation, cinematic feel and animation excellence like it was never seen before in a video game. They weren’t the only Polish game developers to tag along the journey as other game developers such as Wild Hog that issued the popular Shadow Warrior 2 received a whopping $1 for its RoadHog 2. Techland also received the same amount for developing an alpha version of an RPG game.

The hyped up game Cyberpunk 2077 is most likely to be the benefactor of this public founding as CD Projekt RED will make sure it will come out as an interesting and hyped up game that will make its future players to invest countless hours in it.

Having access to such high amount of founding, high expectancies are raised for the GameINN programme and considering the amount of brilliant individuals that make up the team; its end products should not disappoint whatsoever. We can only wish them luck and believe this will pave the path in creating new gaming experiences from which we will benefit.

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