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It seems that the developers of WhatsApp are continuously working on their application in order to please all their users. As we’ve told you yesterday, the application has received a new feature that allows you to revoke the messages that you’ve sent almost a week back. In addition, you can either revoke the message or edit it as you please.

Well, the company is now working on some improved privacy options that will give you more control over who can see your status updates. We should mention that the status update feature has been updated a few weeks ago, when the developers have introduced a new “Snapchat”-like status update.

According to rumors, the developers will bring a new “Preview” feature that will allow you to preview content of files, no matter if they are PDF, .txt or .zip. At the same time, you will be able to send full images on WhatsApp, which means that the full resolution of those images will be sent to the recipient. We have to mention that by adding these features to the application, the developers will surely attract some new users to WhatsApp.

Let’s not forget that the company is also planning to make this application more popular among business or enterprise users. According to some rumors, the developers may be actually working on a separate application for Business users called “WhatsApp for Business”, but this has not been confirmed yet by the company.

At the beginning, the Business functionality will be quite limited, which means that via WhatsApp, the companies will be able to interact with their customers regarding some of their products or services, in order to promote them.

What are your thoughts about the WhatsApp application? What other features would you like to see on this application in the future?