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The highly anticipated Nintendo Switch has been in all tech talks for about a year now. Looking promising on paper with its hybridity the Nintendo Switch is going through a rough period prior to its release.

It is rumored to be powered by a 1GHz CPU with a RAM that doesn’t go over 1600MHz. These specs do not seem bad on paper but when you pair them with a bad GPU which clocks at exactly 307.2MHz it’s the perfect recipe for disaster.

Do not get angry over these tiny details because this GPU is intentionally down-clocked from its initial 768MHz capacity. This clock reduction serves its purpose right as it helps reduce thermal load and battery wear at the same time. To sum up, it means that the Nintendo Switch runs at 40% of its full capacity.

Dynamic scaling might be used regarding the GPU, which is a smart move considering the fact that if one wishes to down-clock the CPU you could alter with its game code and its ability to process information. Another important detail is that during The Tonight Show Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s frame-rate dropped to half from 60 to 30fps.

This does not mean that the specs of the upcoming Nintendo device will remain the same. Following the model of previous devices including the likes of Xbox One and Playstation 4 which had upgraded RAM and CPUs upon their final release versions, Nintendo’s down-clocking on their hardware must not be regarded as general truth.

They could be reserving the final version for its release and maybe make another version of the Nintendo Switch as a marketing tool.

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