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Having been launched almost 6 years ago, the old but sturdy Nintendo 3DS comes as a favorite when it comes to Christmas Gift. It is so highly valued that it proves rather difficult to order one online as no sellers have them on stock.

If one doesn’t want to wait for companies like Amazon, Best Buy or Wal-Mart to restock, we present you some options that should be taken into consideration as they are pretty similar to the ever so popular Nintendo 3DS.

The best replacement is the Nintendo 2DS which isn’t quite as appealing as the 3 series but it packs the exact same punch as its higher-up. All games that work on Nintendo 3DS work on Nintendo 2DS but do not include a 3D feature. It comes at about $80 and you can find them available almost everywhere.

If you really want to gift something Nintendo-made to a friend for Christmas but cannot find either device consider buying your friend Super Mario Run if they own an Apple device. If they are not Nintendo fans but still want a great gaming device, there’s still the option of getting them a PlayStation Vita which is by no means similar to Nintendo’s 3DS.

Sony has disregarded it for quite a while and Vita games are rather niche. It does not even come close to the Nintendo device which offers great games and support.

Either if you want to surprise a friend or get yourself a new gaming device, Nintendo offers some sleek options to choose from. While making great devices and liking to keep users entertained at the same time, a Nintendo 2DS or 3DS might be the perfect gift for the Holidays.

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