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This year brought us a lot of games that can be played on consoles such as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However some customers chose to carry their games wherever they go and no other options are better than the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita to make high-end gaming portable.

Following previous models, no significant changes were made to the ever so popular devices. Despite this fact, both devices have seen a lot of games released specifically for them, some of them being well-known and highly anticipated. Such example is Pokemon Sun and Moon. We are going to see what sets these respective devices apart in terms of popularity and specs.

Nintendo 3DS

Video game producers have released a lot of games specifically tailored for the Nintendo 3DS and it seems that this trend will keep continuing. Such popular titles include the likes of Bravely Second: End Layer, Hyrule Warriors, Fire Emblem Fates and the famous Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Nintendo are going to launch an all new Nintendo Switch but they are still going strong in terms of their focus on the 3DS. They even have a program that involves support from the community in order to fix possible hacking possibilities. They’ve even implanted a reward system that repays people who report problems and exploits with as much as $20,000 if a severe problem is encountered.

PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita hasn’t seen the light of a lot of Western games this year. It is mainly aimed at the Japanese market and some notable titles are Dragon Quest Builders, Zero Time Dilemma, World of Final Fantasy and Trials of Cold Steel II.

Unlike Nintendo’s dual focus, Sony have opted to aim their attention to their PlayStation 4. Fans currently believe that the future of PlayStation Vita is uncertain despite having a lot of AAA-listed games available for it.

Regardless of what device you opt for, rest assured that both of them provide unique gaming experiences wherever you opt to take them.