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Microsoft’s new high-end device is yet to be launched as the expectations grow higher and higher. It is rumored for the next generation of Surface Pro 5 to have out of this world hardware, an improved body and a great screen.


Regarding it’s processor it is believed to sport the all new Kaby Lake that is developed by Intel. Some say it will come equipped with a 4k resolution screen that has a higher battery uptime than the previous version. If these rumors come out as being true, this device will mean the end of Notebooks on a global scale.

Few hints were dropped regarding its hardware but it is believed to house top-tier specs such as 512GB of internal storage on its basic version paired with 16GB of RAM. The OS will be Microsoft’s latest version of Windows 10. Having some hardware specs that are currently below its competition, namely the MacBook Pro, the Surface Book still has room for improvement and it will most likely come out of the fabric with higher specs than Apple’s flagship device.


Microsoft is currently experimenting with new but at the same time interesting design patterns and it is believed that the newest version will continue this trend. It is believed that the new Surface device will be the most flexible one up to date, at the same time being even thinner and lighter. It will support Thunderbolt 3 and come with a fingerprint scanner as well as USB Type-C ports.

Surface Pen

The wireless charging feature will most likely be made available to the Surface pen as well as a built in magnetic dock that will house it.

Release Date

As the current version of Surface Pro 4 is receiving a lot of price reductions from large sellers, it is hinted that the Surface Pro 5 will show its face to the world in Spring 2017.