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Rockstar has launched the Festive Surprise event four years ago, and in 2016, the Firework Launcher will return along with all content from previous GTA Online Christmas events. In the next days, players will be able to earn double RP and GTA$ if they’ll choose the Turf Wars Adversary mode, but if they’ll participate in the latest stunt race called Plummet, they will earn triple RP.

For the fourth year in the row, GTA Online players will get all sorts of new presents, and, of course, there will be lots of snow in San Andreas to match the actual season. Players will find a new car at Benny’s, new festive hats and sweaters, as well as older items such as the Gingerbread Man-themed masks and if they will want to buy new clothing items, they will be available at in-game stores until January 9.

However, Twitter user ItsJackFrost has reported that fetching jumpers will be available for free.

The new light-up bodysuits are great additions for players who want to feel the holiday spirit, as these items will glow, pulse or flash, making the character a target. The new car that can be purchased from Benny’s is called the Truffade Nero and it’s customizable, but players should expect more surprises throughout the holidays.

Also, if they will sell vehicles stolen from the Import/Export update, players will earn up to $50,000 bigger rewards.

Until January 2, some items will be 25 percent off, no matter if they’re vehicles, property or weapons.

Here’s the full list of discounted items that players will be able to purchase during this period:

  • Vehicles – Enus Super Diamond, Nagasaki Shotaro, Neons and Resprays;
  • Air Travel – Buckingham Nimbus and Volatus;
  • Real Estate – Eclipse Towers Penthouses, High End Apartment Interiors and Stilt Houses;
  • Ammu-Nation – Compact Grenade Launcher, Compact Rifle, Mini SMG and Sweeper Shotgun.

While players are enjoying the new Festive Surprise event, Rockstar is happy because until now, GTA V has around 70 million copies around the world.