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A couple more games were listed as free as Microsoft repays Xbox Live Gold members for their loyalty. This month’s lineup is Burnout Paradise, Outlast and Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition. These popular games were announced that they will become free last month, being available for download until the end of this year.


Considering it’s a survival game players find themselves in the role of a journalist who is stuck in a mental asylum where he is to find patients who were disfigured and diseased by a vial force. Outlast is rather horrifying to play as it features some gruesome scenes, where the respective journalist is to escape the insidious place.

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

Posing as an undercover cop who is found roaming the streets of Hong Kong this game will not let you get up from your seat as it is obscenely action packed with highly praised combat which interweaves perfectly with the game’s story.

Its DLCs are also available for download and will most likely keep players entertained with side quests and thrilling action

Burnout Paradise

The game takes in Paradise City where players team up with DJ Atomika to wreck havoc in this open world by racing and jumping all over the place. It is sure to bring out some hype because EA’s Burnout series always delivered promising games.

These games which are part of the Games With Gold scheme will net players up to $700 in titles and it comes at a cost of $59.99 per year. A monthly subscription is also available and comes at $9.99. These games are available for download by signing in to their accounts.