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Battlefield 1 players will be delighted to find out that the Giant’s Shadow map in the game’s multiplayer mode is now available for everyone. The map isn’t a completely new addition, as it was previously released to owners of the Battlefield 1 season pass. That user class received access to the map around a month ago, so the developer considered it’s finally time to share Giant’s Shadow with everyone, to be in tune with the Christmas spirit.

The map was already implemented into the game through a maintenance update. As the game’s servers received the new addition to its map catalogue, players were unable to access the game’s multiplayer platform for a whole hour but the majority will agree that the involuntary break was worth it.

Maintenance was conducted for all game supporting platforms, but the Xbox One servers might still be working on it so if you have any difficulties playing online still, it’s just a matter of time before it concludes.

On top of the new map, players also get access to a new crossbow weapon which launches grenades. Due to its nature, it would be safe to call it a crossbow grenade launcher. The Giant’s Shadow map name refers to a giant airship that crashed and overshadows the map, which is meant to represent the Battle of the Selle which took place in the year 1928.

If you’re excited to give Giant’s Shadow a try, all you have to do is simply start your game and head over to the multiplayer servers.

If you log on now, you will also be able to play only on Giant’s Shadow if you so please. This free map DLC is a great appetizer for the upcoming They Shall Not Pass DLC which will introduce the French as a playable nation and bring forth new battles.