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The modern practice of equipping your gadgets with a digital voice assistant that takes orders from you and give you information whenever you request it seems to have caught up with Amazon.

The company has joined the ranks of such trend loving companies not that long ago, in a unique way. Their debut in the field was marked by Alexa, the voice behind Amazon Echo. Amazon Echo is a smart speaker device equipped with a digital voice assistant (Alexa) that can act as a sort of house manager.

Amazon decided it’s time Alexa got a promotion and now she can be found on various tablet models pertaining to the brand. To be more specific, we’re talking about the Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 tablet series, although just from the fifth generation up.

Additionally, the Amazon Fire tablet priced at around 50 bucks now also benefits from Alexa’s help.  Some are now wondering what is it that Alexa can do for them, so we will present you with a few perks that come with having Amazon’s voice assistant around.

Voice ordering

Ordering stuff online is no news, but now you can do it through voice commands, thanks to Alexa. The digital assistant is able to assist you in ordering stuff from Amazon, which can come in handy when you’re hands are full.

Manage your household

Just like Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire tablets will be able to vocally command smart appliances found within the household. Thanks to Alexa, you can now tell your tablet to turn out the lights or power the smart coffee maker.

Monitor Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo was first to provide Alexa’s services, so those who have both an Echo and a Fire tablet can use the latter to check up on the former through vocal commands. You can have information pop up on your tablet screen which will tell you what your Echo is doing.

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