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If you are a Linux user, then you probably already know that a good amount of time has passed since a major Flash Player update has been released for this platform. We’re not sure what Adobe is trying to do in this case, but it has just released the Flash Player version 24 for Linux and now it has almost all features and options as the latest Flash Player version that has been released for Windows OS and Mac OS.

A New Flash Player For Linux Will Be Released Soon

If reports will prove to be right, Adobe will try to keep updating the Flash Player for Linux in order to be similar to Flash Player for Windows OS and Mac OS.

We’re pretty sure that the update for the NPAPI architecture of Flash for Linux has surprised many users, as the company has decided to “pull the plug” on it back in 2012.

Flash Player For Linux Is Still Behind In features And Options

Even if Adobe Flash Player for Linux has the same version number as Windows OS and Mac OS, it seems that the Linux variant doesn’t have all features that are found on the two mentioned platforms.

The Adobe Flash Player version 24 for Linux comes with all the security options that are included in the Windows OS and Mac OS versions, but for some reason, it doesn’t have the accelerated GPU 3D acceleration and video DRMs.

Likewise in 2012, Adobe is now recommending users to install Chrome for Linux if they need all the Flash Player features, as this plug-in will be updated on all platforms and it’s on par with the original Flash Player software package.

We should mention that Adobe has taken this step right after its Flash Player has started being ditched by big companies in favor of the HTML5.