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Over the years, a lot of communication services have emerged, further bridging the gap between both languages and nations, while also keeping friends and family connected. A new Skype version means a new wave of bug fixes and feature improvements, which as Skype users, you should definitely be interested in.

If you’re not using Skype, you may want to give it a try especially if you live abroad and want to stay in touch with your loved ones. Skype’s longevity stands testimony to its efficiency when it comes to enabling communication between different people, as well as enhancing group chat and facilitating team efforts.

In Skype, users can expect low tariffs for calls on both landlines and mobile networks. This means that Skype can be used even if the person you are calling doesn’t use Skype at all. In addition, you have an array of options for both traditional text messaging as well as voice and video.

If you want to update Skype to version but don’t have access to any update method over WiFi or mobile data, you could always download the APK file for the software and install it manually from your phone’s local storage. This method implied that you simply copy the APK file over to your phone.

Once you get a hold of the file on your device, proceed with the installation and enjoy the latest version of Skype.

It is worth taking into consideration that Android de ices require you to give your phone permission before installing applications that don’t come straight from Google’s Play Store. Simply head over to your phone’s settings to solve this problem by enabling the option that allows you to install third party apps. Once that’s done, you can use the Skype APK to get the latest app version.