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There are rumors stating that Maxis and Electronic Arts are having difficulties in porting The Sims 4 from PC to consoles. It was reported that the partners attempted to bring the game on to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

However, it ended up with a bug. Thus, it was the reason why the game was delayed on its way to these gaming platforms.

There is nothing to worry about for Windows and OS X users as The Sims 4 will be released on their platforms soon. In fact, the expansion pack was reported to be released by the end of spring.

Although reports suggest that The Sims 4 Restaurant DLC pack continues to face porting issues for PS4 and Xbox One, EA promises that the game will be made available for consoles at the end of the spring season. Contrary to reports that claim DLC will be available on these leading consoles in 2016, no official statement has been released to support it yet.

Arguably, The Sims 4 is one of the most popular titles, when it comes to life simulation games. Thus, many fans are eager to have the game on a couple of popular consoles today.

Recent reports say that the latest DLC for the game, Restaurant Game Pack, has already been released for PC some weeks ago. In fact, PC gamers have already sampled the most recent DLC.

Reports have always attributed the delays of The Sims 4 to the porting issue. Thus, it has not been released for Xbox One and PS4 yet. Perhaps when the technical issues have been addressed fully, then it will all be set for the big event.

The most recent release of The Sims 4 expansion pack is named City Living. Meanwhile, the latest edition game pack released in June was Dine Out. This will allow Sims to visit restaurants, as they can build and run their own.

Moreover, the latest stuff pack is the Vintage Glamor Stuff that was released in December 6, 2016. This includes vintage style of items, which include vanity table, hair, ability to hire a butler, and new Old Hollywood-inspired clothing.