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Pokemon GO is a mobile game that has taken the world by storm. The shear popularity of the application is astounding, even if people were expecting it to do good due to it being part of the Pokemon franchise. If you don’t play it yourself, there are strong chances that you at least know someone that plays Pokemon GO and is constantly talking about it.

In Pokemon GO, you are the trainer. The game’s objective will be very familiar to those that have experienced the animated show which started the craze 20 some years ago. Adopting a unique philosophy based on actually going outside and socializing with strangers, Pokemon GO asks its trainers to go and catch all the Pokemon.

This isn’t by any means an easy task, as new creatures have been added to the game as of recently, making it even harder than before. There are multiple phases that a pokemon can go through, including hatching and evolving the monsters. Those become relevant once you actually catch the pocket monster.

The game will take you through places you might have ignored in the past, beyond your neighborhood and into the great unknown. Once you get close to a pokemon, your phone will give you signs such as starting to vibrate, letting you know that your next adventure is about to start. Pokemon GO also includes poke-stops and pokemon gyms. These can be contested and used and are represented by real places in the world.

As of recently, a partnership was struck between Starbucks and Niantic, the game’s developer, making it so that the majority of Starbucks locations around the US.

So what does the update bring?

  • Among the fixes featured in the patch, there were a lot of smaller edits that prioritizes game text. A lot of text issues that individually weren’t that dramatic made up for quite an inconvenient error as a whole.
  • Prior to the update, there would be instances where players would get vibration for no reason, and that has been fixed now.
  • Pokemon GO tries to stay true to each player’s surrounding, in terms of the day/night cycle so the update brings tweaks that will make the game’s cycle better resemble the one in real life for each time zone.