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When it comes to internet browsers, there are a couple solutions that keep safe distances ahead of Opera in terms of both popularity and sheer efficiency. That being said, Opera shouldn’t be taken for granted as it is no doubt one of the most capable browser you can install at the moment.

If you’re already an Opera user or you’re curious about trying it, this is probably the best time to check out Opera as the developer has brought forth the newest stable build available. We are talking about Opera 42, which ensures stability and offers some cool new features.

One of the new features that are definitely interesting is the addition of a currency converter. The feature is baked right into the browser so there’s no need for any type of add-ons or additional installations. It works by emphasizing monetary listing on websites and offering users the possibility of checking out what that means in another currency. Depending on what your line of work is, this can be a really useful feature

While Opera continues to surprise the internet with its features, let it be known that this isn’t the first time the developer sparks the interest of online browsing users, as in the past Opera has brought forth similar features in terms of uniqueness.

Most of these features follow the same “no need for an add-on, we got it right here” philosophy, such as the incorporated ad-blocker or VPN service.

Opera 42 is available for downloading and awaiting anyone that wants to give it a try. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up liking Opera more than your current browser and switch indefinitely.

Now the only thing left is to wait and see what Opera plans on bringing to the community in the next build.

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