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The Nintendo Switch is the newest and hottest addition to users’ options regarding a gaming console. With a massive amount of hype generated around the new Nintendo device, many are wondering what is it exactly that powers the Switch, which is slated to launch in January.

New information on the subject has surfaced and we now have a more detailed perspective on what’s to come from the much anticipated gaming platform. Let’s take a look and see what’s under the hood.

The GPU seems to be a concern for many users which think the clock speed of 768MHz is not enough, especially when compared with devices like the NVIDIA Shield which come with a full 1 GHz clock speed, making it faster than hat Switch offers in the docked position.

Speaking of the docked position, CPU frequencies are reported to remain the same regardless of the mode in which you are playing. The device is supposedly going to run on a 1 GHz cock speed, with the only frequency differences between docked and undocked occurring when it comes to the console’s controller.

While it was obvious that the portable gaming mode will imply giving up a potential flat screen TV for a considerably smaller screen, we were still curious to know what kind of screen was waiting for us when we would take the device outside. It seems that a 720p display that benefits from multi touch capabilities will be ready to pick up where the living room TV has left off.

That being said, it’s interesting to see what the full spec list for the Nintendo Switch gaming console will be.

Although we’ve seen just a fraction of what Switch will be able to offer us, it’s safe to say that the device is already shaping up to be a great alternative for the usual suspects when it comes to both portable and in-house console gaming.

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