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4J Studios has just announced on the official Minecraft forum the release of Update 46 for the game on Xbox 360 console. The previous update was released almost two months ago and it brought a fix to a crash when opening a Chest in SD display mode.

This time, the change log is more generous, as the game has received new blocks, new items, new mobs and many more.

The Update 46 for Minecraft on Xbox 360 was released on December 19th and here’s the full list of additions that were brought to the game:

  • New blocks: Chorus Flower; Chorus Plant; Dragon Head; End Gateway; End Rod; Purpur Block; Purpur Pillar; Purpur Stairs; Purpur Slab
  • New items: Boats (made from Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, and Dark Oak); Chorus Fruit; Dragon’s Breath; Elytra; End Crystal; Lingering Potion; Popped Chorus Fruit; Potion of Luck; Tipped Arrow; Water Splash Potion
  • New mobs: Shulker; Stray; Husk; Skeleton Trap Horses
  • Added Fallout Mashup Pack trial
  • Added new Tutorial world
  • Boats will be controlled differently and they will support multiple passengers
  • Brewing will require Blaze Powder as fuel for the Brewing Stand
  • Crafting interface has been updated to allow crafting Firework Stars and Fireworks
  • Villages now generate naturally in the Taiga biome

Also, updates have been made to terrain generation:

  • When generating a new world, the End changes, but it can be updated for old worlds, and in order to get the new End in an old world, when the world loads and the “More Options” appears, players need to select “Reset End”
  • After the Ender Dragon is killed in the new End, an End Gateway spawns nearby. If players throw an Ender Pearl into this, they will be teleported to a new area in The End with an End City and End Ship
  • Shulkers, Elytra, and a Dragon Head can be found within the End City and End Ship. Player who wear Elytra are allowed to glide around the world and in order to start gliding, the will jump while falling.

Minecraft for Xbox One has been also updated (Content Update 36) and it has the same change-log as Update 46 for Xbox 360.