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A new patch has hit the building game and thus brought forth a new changelog which highlights what the latest update contains. Going through the changelog puts all the changes into perspective and offers a summarized view of what’s expecting players. Patch 1.38 has finally arrived and contains a lot of new stuff that a lot of players will be terribly anxious about, so let’s get into it and see what Minecraft enthusiasts can expect.

Minecraft has become a number of things, but at the core it remains a building game so it is expected of Mojang to introduce a new set of blocks which will enrich the variety of building options even further.

Among the new blocks we find the Purpur variation which contains Purpur Stairs, Purpur Block of Purpur Slab, as well as the Chorus variation, which has the Chorus Flower and Chorus Plant.

Blocks aren’t the only thing added to the game in the latest update, as players can now also go about collecting a number of new items and elements such as Dragon’s Breath, Chorus Fruit or the sought after glider Elytra.

Potions also get new additions in patch 1.38 such as Lingering Potion, Potion of Luck or Water Splash Potion. These add another dynamic to gameplay and promise some interesting resolves for various scenarios.

For those wondering how The End incorporates into already existing worlds, fear not as the developer has added options to facilitate resetting and loading Ends into old worlds.

All these and many other features can be found in the latest Minecraft patch which brings The End update to more platforms and bolsters the game’s content distribution across all platforms so that  there isn’t a big gap of content between two distinct platforms which support Minecraft.

If the feedback for The End update on consoles was any indication, Vita users will have quite the pleasant surprise waiting for them.