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As many other games are giving their fans some Christmas goodies, Minecraft also added Christmas-themed content to keep players delighted. Their latest feature consists in a DLC entitled Festive Mash-Up and is available for purchase for a grand total of $4. It includes new skins, a texture pack and a new world available to be roamed.

Being a magical place, Minecraft enthusiasts have the option to dress up for the occasion as many festive figures are available to customize their gameplay. You get to choose from the bearded Chris Cringle that pairs well with one of his reindeer, creepy Krampus or dastardly Dishevelf. If you feel more gallant than rowdy, players can suit up to be a toastmaster or toastmistress.

Other skins were also made available, one more snow-themed than the other. If you want to escape the Christmas shenanigans you might want to drop into the Mistletoes the Bigfoot skin which has no relevance whatsoever to the Christmas theme but hey, it still does look cool or the more festive Yuletide Yeti skin.

If red and white aren’t your favorite colors one is able to ditch the old fashion and embrace the Cool Claus skin which comes along with blue attire. I would’ve named it Subordinate Claus but despite my bad grammar pun my colleagues did not agree to it unfortunately.

More Minecraft news includes its recent launch on Apple TV. The content made available updates automatically to the Ender update and it’s similar to the versions encountered on mobile platforms and Windows 10. This version of the game will set you back about $19.99 and we do recommend buying it.

The ever so popular game saw some decent updates and DLCs that were made available recently and is sure to make fans spend countless hours on their chairs enjoying the game developed by Mojang.