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Minecraft’s popularity has skyrocketed since it was first introduced to the public by developer Mojang. First available on PC, the game quickly transitioned to consoles and later on to mobile platforms.

For the longest time it looked like consoles actually pulled ahead of the PC version in terms of updates, with the controller operated platforms being gifted the update called The End a long time ago. To the delight of PC users everywhere, we are happy to announce that Minecraft’s The End update is now officially and finally available not only for PCs, but also for the game’s pocket edition (which is the game version dedicated to mobile devices).

There are a ton of new features coming your way if you are going to play Minecraft on PCs or mobile. The End update will bring forth a lot of new resources which can be harvested from the most unexpected of places. One resource in particular, Dragon’s Breath, can be harvested by the dragon which players have to kill. (Oh yeah, there’s a dragon that players have to kill).

The excitement doesn’t stop there, with new areas to explore and new creepy, scenery appropriate mobs to face. Use the new building blocks to create new architectural wonders then get a view at your project or any other structure from above with the newly introduced gliding kite, Elytra.

If that’s not enough, you can give the new array of potions a try, and test out their various effects on the ever so peculiar mobs that will seek out to challenge you at every step.

Not everything has to be dark and gloomy, as The End update also includes some cute polar bears that hang out around igloos, which are also a new addition to the game. The End update is now officially out for the Pocket Edition and Windows version of Minecraft, bridging the content gap between