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The latest update to Minecraft has brought all the features of the PC edition to the console. Indeed, it will all land in December 2016. Well, as the year has not ended yet, the final update for the Minecraft: Console Edition this year is likewise the biggest to date.

Part of this new update is the availability of wings, which allow players to do a gliding motion. At the same time, players can take advantage from End Cities, Amplified Terrain, potion ingredient of the Dragon’s Breath and more. All these will be featured to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS Vita, and the Nintendo Wii U. So before the year comes to an end, Microsoft has promised that console versions will nearly be at par with the PC edition.

Moreover, the holiday update has polished the user interface, which includes items, blocks, status effects, and new mobs. Players will be able to find the Elytra at The End, which will be the third and final dimension of Minecraft.

Updates of The End will be released with End Cities, Chorus Plants, Chorus Flowers, End Ships, and Purpur blocks. New enemies will include Shulkers, which will hide close to Purpur blocks as well as fire homing missiles towards encroaching players. The Dragon’s Breath ingredients will allow players to make Lingering Potions.

Mojang is giving players a sneak peak of the update, so there will be a lot of surprise features that will be expected in December. Thus, Minecraft: Console Edition owners will be able to get this Holiday Update for free.

In fact, Windows 10 and Pocket editions for Minecraft has recently been updated. Such updates had brought these versions nearly the same quality as the original Java version. Moreover, Minecraft is going to hit Apple TV this December, which makes the holidays a happy experience indeed for the fans.

This is the biggest console update happening to Minecraft in 2016. Perhaps this is what many people have been waiting for. Clearly, this will be a game changer for those who are accustomed to the PC edition only.

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