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In August 2012, Adobe removed Adobe Flash Player from Play Store which resulted from Android users not being able to download and install the software and watch videos as well as access games. This was because that was the time the Android OS was version 4.1 or “Jelly Bean” and Adobe was not able to have the software certified to work on the then OS.

Today, if you type Adobe Flash Player on the search bar of Play Store, there will be several downloadable apps with the word “Flash” but if you don’t know any better, you will end up with downloading a different app.

If you want to have Adobe Flash on your Android phone, there is a way to do so. However, you need to utilize a third-party browser from Play Store and not from Chrome. The browser that will allow you to install the app is known as the Dolphin Browser.

Install Adobe Flash Player via the Dolphin Browser

From the Play Store, type Dolphin Browser from the search tab and install it on your device. Once installed, tap on the app icon and go to Settings. Next, select Web Content option. On the page, select Flash Player and set it to “Always On”.

You can now go to a browser or site that uses Flash Player. You can also go to Google and type “Adobe Flash test”. As the page attempts to use Flash, a prompt will appear telling you to install Flash Player. Select download if possible.

It is also necessary to go to “Settings” and deselect “Install from Unknown sources” under Security menu. After installing the APK version of the Flash Player, you can now try to open content from websites using Flash.

Meanwhile, a real-time threat intelligence company made an analysis and found out that Adobe Flash Player is affected by six of the ten vulnerabilities integrated with exploit kits. And with a recent report on fake Adobe Flash Player stealing credit card information, it’s best to be careful in installing the appropriate app.