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The latest version of the Gmail app for Android now supports formatted text. This simply means that whatever you copy from the web will be copied as is when you paste them into the message body. While copying and pasting content from one place to Gmail has always been possible, formatting specifics were lost in the process.

That said, Android already has a system in place that copies text as is from source to destination. With this kind of setup, no detail is lost in the copying process. However, both the source and destination need to support the feature – called “rich copy and paste” – in order for it to work.

Gmail, before this latest release, supported the copying and pasting of text but it only did so with basic formatting. Essentially, all other aspects of what was being copied was ignored – just the basics made it. While this method works out fine for other users, some want whatever they copied to remain as it is when transferred to its destination. This is what the latest Gmail provides: a recognition of all formatting and having it remain as it was even when pasted into a different application.

The copied text, once in the destination app, can also be edited.

This update is one of the newer ones that Gmail has rolled out for version 6.11. Initially, that version featured a change with the way quoted text is being dealt with. If you’re familiar with the web client version of Gmail, you may have noticed that after hitting – for this instance – Reply, the original message gets quoted. However, these quoted messages are hidden and can only be seen after clicking the ellipsis. Well, this feature has now made its way to Android devices.

In past Gmail versions on Android, quoted messages appear but they get blocked by the keyboard. Chances are, users may or may not have even noticed them. Now, both the web version and app version of Gmail feature hidden quoted messages.

With this change, Gmail for Android certainly looks cleaner without the clutter of quoted messages lying around. That said, a lot of users don’t even seem to be aware of quoted messages or didn’t have major thoughts about them. But the changes are here and they indeed keep in tradition with the app’s stance on minimalism.

What’s nice about changes in Android is that they are released on APKs and users can test it out before the new version is rolled out over the air. The APK for this particular version is already out and you can have a go at it if you wish. Just remember to download an APK from a trusted source and always perform a backup so you have something to revert to in case something goes wrong.

Google has definitely produced one of the best email providers on the planet with Gmail and it continually improves features so that users always get the best out of it each time.