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There are still no confirmation from Bethesda as to whether they are going to release the Elder Scrolls 6 or not. Perhaps they are going to release the game to the public by 2019 because they are still unable to confirm any developments. Moreover, they prefer not to disclose any details about this project yet.

Fans are getting weary of waiting of the game’s next installment. After the success that was acquired by Skyrim, the fans just kept on looking forward. In fact, they are getting curious on where the story and action of the game will take place. A number of speculations have surrounded this update, but the most popular is that the new update will focus more on Argonia.

There are a lot of speculations about the game’s storyline, which should take place in Valenwood. In addition, if Bethesda is going to release it, the game will be launched in 2019.

As a matter of fact, many reports have stated that the game will be named The Elder Scrolls 6: Argonia. Accordingly, this has made positive reactions from fans, as Argonia didn’t receive much attention in the Skyrim storyline. Thus, it is about time that Bethesda is going to put more emphasis on it.

Although it has been speculated that the game will focus more on the Argonian race, the location will be on Valenwood. There were many theories that surround this update, but the Valenwood location should have the most sense.

As the company has valued trade secrets so much, employees have been banned from mentioning keywords that refer to Fallout Nuka World and The Elder Scrolls 6. Moreover, Project Greenheart is another keyword that employees are prohibited to mention. But, there might be another suitable title, Elder Scrolls: Valenwood, which should be a more plausible theory. Greenheart is basically a town located in the middle of Valenwood.

The best thing to do for fans is to wait for the official confirmation to be made by Bethesda itself regarding the development of The Elder Scrolls 6. When details will be released officially, it would provide a much reliable information for eager fans out there.

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