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Clash of Clans is a well established mobile game by now, with a numerous following that eagerly awaits the latest news regarding the game and what updated the developer is planning on bringing out next.

One of the expected updates for the mobile phenomenon was the Winter Update, which would obviously give the game a wintery feel. The update has finally arrived and by the looks of it, no one is disappointed. You could even say that the update is a success.

The Clash of Clans Winter Update was hyped by the game’s developer itself. Supercell held nothing back in making sure that the community will be expecting the release of the newest chapter for Clash of Clans.

Some took the hype to new extremes when certain features like shipwrecks were beginning to appear more and more in the midst of speculations. This put even more strain on the developer which was trying to provide an update that wouldn’t result in an angry community.

Although the game is very well received overall, Clash of Clans has had a bumpy couple of months recently, with unhappy users complaining about the developer’s releases.

Fans found out about the release of the Winter Update through Twitter and more specifically a tweet posted by Supercell which inaugurated the update with a video that showcased all the changes which came to the game with the new patch.

A feature that was long anticipated was the raise of level caps for different units and structures. This came to pass, as several such implementations took place.

For example, both Barbarian Kings and Archer Queens can now be raised to a higher level, and the same thing goes for structures like the town hall and clan castles. Eager players are awaited to download the update and explore the changes first hand.

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