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Email is an essential communication tool. It has replaced handwritten letters as a way of getting and staying in touch with people. While we all know how to send, receive, label and archive our emails, there’s so much more things we can do with it to help save us time – to achieve that elusive Inbox Zero. That said, here are some time-saving tips to become better Gmail users:

Organize Several Accounts Using Multiple Inboxes

The great thing about email is that we can own more than one account to serve different purposes: one may be for personal use, the other for work. But rather than open different tabs just to check through separate mail accounts, why not access them all from one place? This is entirely possible through the Multiple Inboxes feature of Gmail.

Schedule Messages with Boomerang

Boomerang is a utility that helps you schedule emails. In addition to that, the service allows the setting of reminders and sorting of mail. It can be downloaded as an extension from the Chrome Store or as an app.

With Boomerang, you can write an email then set a time for when it will be sent out. This is a great feature to have especially when working with people across different time zones. Being able to set a sending time also lets you enjoy a holiday while Boomerang takes care of the mail.

Boomerang can also be configured to hide certain mail in a particular folder until such time that you’re ready to read and respond to it. For instance, all mail from services you’ve subscribed to should be tucked away in a folder during the work day so you can focus on tasks. After work, these messages can now appear on your Inbox so you can check them when you get home.

Sort Messages with Sortd

If you prefer a more visual approach to your mails, Sortd can help you out by organizing your mail into to-do style lists. All you have to do is drag and drop mail to different columns and you can even mark them as complete once you’ve done what you should have with them.

With Sortd, you can group your most important messages to separate them from the rest. This way, you can really attend to things that need your attention at this moment.

Take Note of Keyboard Shortcuts

Gmail, like any other mail provider, has a list of keyboard shortcuts you can use to make things a bit easier. To see shortcuts, type ‘?’ on any part of the Gmail screen. Doing this will bring up a box listing all the keyboard combinations as well as what they represent.

Turn on Canned Responses to Save Time While Replying

Do you often find yourself replying to emails with a similar answer? If so, Canned Responses allows you to compose a common message which will be used to reply to different senders asking similar questions.

With these tips, you can navigate the world of Gmail even better. This is true even if the mail service continually rolls out new features to make the emailing experience even better.

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