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Microsoft is coming up with an upgraded Xbox console to be called “Scorpio” which is 4K-ready and is said to support the Oculus Rift VR headset. With the PlayStation 4 Pro from rival Sony, it will not come as a surprise if Microsoft will have its own product around that range.

Rumors have started as early as June 2016 with tweets from no less than Xbox executive Phil Spencer. He has been answering questions via his tweeter account and this included dispelling rumors that the Project Scorpio is the answer to thePS4 Pro.

Meanwhile, Senior Global Product Marketing Director for Microsoft, Aaron Greenberg said that fans have been craving for the most powerful gaming experience and they are just delivering what the gamers want. He said that the new gaming console will take gamers to a higher level with 4K gaming right into their television sets.

Specs and Features

So far, there are three confirmed specs included in Xbox Scorpio. One is the 6 Teraflop GPU which with the confirmation coming from Spencer himself. When asked via tweeter about the rumors of the TFLOPs being reduced to 5, he tweeted that there had been no changes on what they had previously announced. This also came with the assertion of a gaming console with native 4K capabilities that will be a challenge for Sony’s PS4 Pro to sustain. The other two confirmed specs include the octa-core CPU and the 320GB per second memory bandwidth. To make 4K gaming possible, the new Xbox is said to be a combination of AMD Zen CPU and Vega CPU.

Another speculated upgrade with the new Xbox will be in hardware and architecture of the console. This is to give way to supporting the Oculus Rift VR headset. According to reports, overhauling is being done so dedicated video card solutions can be in place. This is also in line with the company’s goal of creating a cross-platform UWP which would mean gamers will be able to use The Rift on Windows 10 PCs as well as Xbox game consoles.

Xbox General Manager of Game Publishing, Shannon Loftis, said that the Xbox project is not only for the gaming public but is also for game developers. This is by allowing game devs who are building VR games to ensure synchronicity of 90 fps.

As for the release of the upcoming Xbox model, it will be in time for the Christmas season in 2017. If rumors are true, come November next year, the Xbox Scorpio will be commercially available. This early, people are asking about what it will be called, given that ‘Scorpio” is just the developmental name given to the project.

Despite the confirmed specs of Xbox Scorpio and its other powerful upgrade, rumors about a mid-range pricing are also surfacing. These were based on an interview granted by the Xbox chief who said that they want the next gen console to have a reasonable price like other ordinary gaming consoles.

Moreover, the list of compatible games for the Xbox Scorpio continues to grow. Something that makes the latest Xbox gen more exciting.