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CD Projekt Red is the company that produced the Witcher franchise, a series of three games that became known as the best RPG games ever. The company’s latest installment in the franchise was The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and the game received the best game of the year award.

What made the game stand out from the rest was the amount of detail the developers put into the game’s production, the incredible story line and characters dialogue that made players feel like they were reading a book rather than playing a game, the incredible medieval design and also the immersive Witcher world that gave players free roam to do whatever they wanted.

We just received the news that one of the top game designers at CD Projekt Red has left the team. The designer’s name is Damien Monnier aka Cyberpunk 2077 and he left the company to join Techland Games which is the game company in charge with creating a new IP.

This is extremely bad news for Witcher fans because Damien Monnier was the man behind the game’s design and no one can even come close his skill level, at least we don’t know any other designer of his level. Worth mentioning is that he was also the man in charge with the design of the recently released Gwent card game.

The news have been confirmed by Monnier himself on his official LinkedIn profile where he thanked the CD Projekt Red studio team for their memories together and where he also promised that new adventures are on the way.

Nonetheless, while this might be news for CD Projekt Red fans should be happy to hear that Monnier has been put in charge of the new Techland Games IP and his design input will surely help Techland Games make an exquisite game.

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