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It is rumored that WhatsApp is planning to let its users to edit and revoke sent messages. It will be however be unavailable by default for iPhone beta app users but it is expected to arrive in no time. Some also believe that archived files such as RAR and ZIP can be previewed by users before downloading them.

iPhone users will have the option of revoking a sent message. This feature is believed to work only if the recipient hasn’t seen the respective message from its sender.

As of now those who use WhatsApp are able to delete messages from their device but they still remain available for the recipient to see them. It is believed that this feature will be available by pressing a sent message over a long period of time. As it is rumored to be launched on devices which run iOS, Android enthusiasts will have to wait for further news.

Another interesting rumor is that WhatsApp is developing a new feature on iPhone beta which lets its users to preview the contents of archived files before downloading them. This feature was tipped by @WABetaInfo.

The guys from WhatsApp seem to be working hard as the ever so popular messaging app received an important update that includes the ability to stream videos as they are downloading. Another interesting update brought support for animated GIF images for Android devices. These two were earlier available to WhatsApp beta users.

These update permitted users to enjoy videos whilst they are downloading without having to wait for them to finish. Regarding GIF support WhatsApp users can now send a GIF that directly opens the device’s Gallery where they can find the right one to be shared.

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